Breastplate (Plastron)

Montpellier, 2017

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A logical continuation of my copper plate prints series Warriors (Guerreras) from 2012-2016, this piece is inspired by the etching processes used in the middle ages to decorate armour. A type of ceremonial tapestry, it may guard a sacred space, announce the presence of an honoured woman or represent her ancestry and offspring.

Mixed Media: Recycled cardboard, polyethylene and appropriated materials, sewn and connected with hinges made of copper sheeting; gouache, and acrylic based paints and pencils. This sheet of articulated breastplates moves in the wind. An alternative name may be “These Melons are Not for Sale,” in reference to the melon-crates used in the process.

Dimensions: 100 cm x 180 cm (39” x 71” x 0.7”)

Prix : 3000€

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